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Our Unique Selves


Meet an eight-year-old girl who tells her story about how she has worked through some of life’s challenges and overcome these barriers, while working towards reaching her goals and creating positive outcomes. The story recognises the important role each person plays in this journey.

Come along and learn about the life of someone who has an important message to share. Just as everyone is different, so must be our approaches to support and care for one another to get the best possible outcomes. A little girl’s life is transformed with hard work, commitment, and setting and achieving her goals by making the most of the opportunities made and given.

It is Joy and her friend’s goal to empower one another to help each other on a journey towards a more independent and fulfilling life.

Immerse yourself in a children’s story that challenges you to reflect on those in your life, including yourself, on just how unique we truly are. Allow yourself to be challenged to consider what your story is, how your journey has shaped the person you have become, and what goals you may have for the future.

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March 10, 2022





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